Looking to buy a new car but at the same time do not want to be too hard on your pocket?

Now choose the car that you had always wanted to own, register yourself on and we pay the emi for you for the first three years. DON’T BELIEVE IT?

Here’s a brand new concept of a car, being used as an ad space/billboard and you only pay the 25% of the cost of the car. So this creates a win-win situation as you get to become a Brand Ambassador and don’t even have to carry the liability of Emi for the car.

EASY MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS JUST GOT EASIER!!! uses the ad space on your car in such a way that makes heads turn towards you. After the end of three years you can simply get the graphics removed, pay the two year balance emi or you can also do away with car by returning it.

You Give Us Ad space We Pay Your Emi.

This unique concept of advertising just spices up your dream of owning a brand new car at quarter the rate. Be assured that there are No Hidden Costs. So now you don’t have to be a bollywood celebrity to become a Brand Ambassador.

Therefore Don’t Wait. Register your details on to get detailed assistance from our specialists about this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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